Classroom Carousel

Before the start of your lesson arrange the tables in your classroom into a circular formation using 5 or 6 groups of tables – each group should accommodate 4 or 5 students. On each group of tables set out a different activity to help students revise the topic they have just completed. For example a crossword, an exam question to answer, matching cards exercise, fill in the gaps sheet and a multiple choice quiz. Number each of the groups of tables and then put corresponding numbers into a hat. Students on entering the classroom should pick out a number to determine which table they sit at. Once all the students are sitting at one of the tables they can have 5 minutes to complete the activity. After 5 minutes instruct students to move clockwise around the carousel to the next group of tables and allow them another 5 minutes to complete the task there. Continue to move students around until they have completed the activities for all of the tables.

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